Ear Plugs to reduce TV loudness


Just wondering any advice on what ear plugs to get for reduce tv loudness as my mum who I am caring for insists on turning up the volume very loud and refuses or gets very stubborn when asked to turn it down :frowning:

I have set to Auto Volume and also Volume Range to Low but it still sounds loud :frowning:

Any help much appreciated.

Would mum wear a headset so she could hear without disturbing you?!

…and the neighbours !


She would not wear a headset :frowning:
Luckly we do not have neighbours that close to us.

You have my sympathy Darren. My husband is mega deaf but he does wear a headset although he does go through stages where he says he is going to stop wearing it and I need to wear ear plugs. Unfortunately, his coughing is a nightmare and I get up most mornings at 3.30 as he sleeps beneath my bedroom and tends to start coughing at around 2.30. Even if he does not cough, I am so used to waking up now, really struggle to go back to sleep.

If you or anyone here finds some good earplugs please let me know. I got some inexpensive ones online but tbh really struggled with them.

I found the roll up yellow foam earplugs were good for reducing noise when I was in hospital. My engineer husband always had lots. Good when we were driving the steam roller on the road too!

Hi Darren

Have her ears been checked for wax build up or is she just hard of hearing?

My mother has hearing like a bat!

This is what I am trying to do, problem is distict nurse is new and not had the training to check ears as of yet.

oh heck.
Is there not a team and another one can come out to check them? I’m guessing not.

Hello, Darren. It is not good that you should live in a noisy environment to suit Mum’s deafness. It sounds to me that Mum’s GP needs to refer her to the hospital audiology department, where she can get her hearing tested under ideal conditions with the proper specialised equipment. Or is Mum being stubborn about that as well?

Nurse checked her ears, left hand one has large build up of wax.
Got some ear drops to try and sort it out.
Trying to get mum to sort that out is another problem…

That is progress, Darren. Check again after a couple of weeks. If there is still wax there it may need to be removed by syringing or similar means. If she is still hard of hearing, it is back to my suggestion of having her referred to audiology. If she needs hearing aids, this is a better solution for both of you.