Caring for my son

First off all, thank you for accepting me in your lovely forum.
I am currently caring for my 17 years old son with mental health issues: severe anxiety and depression, paranoia and some phobias.
I am on fit notes for almost 4 months now.
Today I kindly ask administration workers at my GP for a caring registration form but they gave me some kind of form for personal request which I must pay and wait for at least 30 days.
I am a bit confused and disappointed about that.
Please advise me what I must do.
Many thanks

Hi Mihaela,

welcome to the forum. There are others on here with experience of supporting young people with MH issues.

Sounds like your GP receptionist has got confused/ lacks training.

Carers UK has info here Talking to your GP | Carers UK

this letter Talking to your GP | Carers UK might help.