New to Forum (caring for son with mental health issues)

Hi Everybody,

I"m new here but not to caring - my 17 year old son has had mental health issues since he was 11 (PTSD, depression, anxiety, suspected EUPD/BPD, also mild ASD). It’s only recently that I realised I’m a carer - even though I’ve had to give up my job to look after him full time I thought I was just being a parent. Things are getting worse and I’m frequently finding myself at breaking point. My husband is supportive but clueless and happy-go-lucky. It’s nice for my son to have that balance, but means I have nobody who understands my sometimes unspeakable thoughts and feelings.

I am aware of all the online resources and have joined the local Carers group, but so far haven’t ‘met’ anybody in a similar situation - I’m hoping I can do so here.

Thanks for reading, and no matter how tough things are I hope you come across one thing today that puts a smile on your face…


Hi Sharla and welcome,

there are others on here who are caring for a young person with MH issues, they just haven’t popped onto the forum yet to reply.


Hello I care for three young adults with autism and other mental health too. I am finding things heard with care and looking for work plus finance too. Feeling very isolated and need to talk. Thanks

Giselle, if you get Carers Allowance you cannot be asked by DWP to look for work.
Do all your young adults claim PIP and ESA or similiar?
Have they each had a Needs Assessment from Social Services?