Caring for my old mum

Hi all thought i would just introduce myself
Im andrew 52 years old and living with my mum, i hate saying that,but she is 82 blind deaf not very mobile so i have no choice at the moment,but i have never felt so fed up in my hole life till now
I broke up with my partner about 4 years ago which is about the time my mum needed more help so i moved in with her in a one bedroom flat ,i sleep in the front room with the dog
I have 5 kids three all grown up and happy, one disabled 21 now, and my little girl i pick up from school every day and i can honestly say if it wernt for them i wouldent be hear now
Now i class myself quite lucky in a way ,i do so much for my mum cook clean meds take her out but the one thing i dont do is deal with her toilet issues which are getting worse with time
Im not sure i will be able to deal with this issue when it does arrive so im not sure what i will do there
Any advice would be great

Hi Andrew and welcome,

Does your Mum receive any help from outside care workers? You could request a Needs Assessment for her Needs assessment | Carers UK and a Carer’s assessment for yourself

Are you planning to stay at your Mum’s until she no longer needs care or would you like to move out, nearby?

Does your Mum own or rent her flat?


Hi Andrew,

Does mum own or rent her flat?

Where do you plan to live when mum goes into care or passes away?
A number of people on the forum have ended up in dire straits because they have done what you did, I’m afraid.

Hi Andrew

Welcome to the Forum, I hope you are finding it interesting so far.

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