Caring for my mum and feeling alone and overwhelmed

Was using google to try and find support which has landed me to this site so thought id give it a go.
Im 39 and caring for my mum 67 who has anxiety and depression along with a few physical disabilities which has now meant i had to give up work and care for her full time.
Im married and we all live under the same roof
In recent weeks I’ve found myself struggling and currently have tonsililitus so feeling pretty rubbish.
I find myself doing pretty much everything in the house while my husband just goes out does whatever he pleases and im stuck in running around. Lately i feel like my mum is judging everything i do so stuff isnt good enough.
Im basically a glorified housekeeper. I know this must sound selfish but i have no one to turn to and just feel hopeless at the moment and dont know what to do with myself

Can you move out again?

I know how you are feeling bless your heart. I’ve the same with my dad moving in with us. Although I’m 50. I didn’t know how hard it would be to give up your freedom and basically your lifestyle. I would never ask my kids to do this it is wrong. And as a parent myself I wish our elderly people would remember that we have feelings and also need care as in understanding and kindness and space etc obviously if dementia is there its not really possible. But in my dads case he is fully aware of what he is doing. Can you try calling social services? I’m now looking at homes as I know it’s not healthy for my husband and I and at the end of the day it could be years that you have to do this.
Good luck and hope you get some help soon x