Caring for my husband who has dementia

My name is Jean and I care for my husband who is 84 and has dementia also he has recently had a knee replacement.
i dont like to leave him to go shopping is there any service that provides people who could sit with him whilst shopping etc. He can still do some things for himself.

Thank you

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Home care agencies can help with that.

Hello Jean

Please keep checking back for information and leads from others to find a charity sitting service locally to you who know more about it than I do. Good luck.

Hello Jean & welcome

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How are you coping generally you do sound as though you have a lot on your plate.

Are you getting all the help you need. Has there been a needs assessment done for your husband and a carers assessment for you. As an assessment would be able to get some care hours introduced to cover your trips out.

Hi Jean,

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Are your receiving support from the Admiral nurses? What is an Admiral Nurse? | Dementia UK | Specialist dementia nurses They are specialist dementia nurses and should know of any available free sitting services who could spend time with your husband whilst you are out.

Also, have you had a carer’s assessment? During this process you can request support so that you can have some time to go shopping etc Carer's assessment | Carers UK


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