New to the forum and looking for advice

Hi I am new to this forum and just want to say hello my husband has had many tia’s and a Major stroke he is now bed bound and just been diagnosed with dementia was wondering if anyone else is in the same position my husband went from being the nicest bloke I know but now he can sometimes be so nasty with his words I’m a young 52 so find this hard work even though we have 6 children who do all they can to help I have no outside help with Carers my choice as I feel it’s my job to help him throughout would love to hear suggestions he sleeps very little and often wakes up angry and confused not being funny but it like looking after a baby that you know isn’t going to get any older

Hello Alison and welcome to the forum
My husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia.
I understand that you feel it’s your job to care for your husband yourself but truthfully you will wear your self out and won’t be able to care for anyone! I had no choice about my lovely husband going into a nursing home, his consultant strongly advised it is the best thing for his own safeguarding.
I’m not suggesting a nursing home for your husband but I really recommend that you get some help to care for him. You will need respite believe me.
Are you aware of council tax deduction, as your husband has dementia?
Others will be along with practical advice I’m certain.
I’m very sad to read you are going through this. For me it’s one the most heartbreaking emotional things I have ever been through and have had lots in my life. Its so hard to watch the change in the person you love.