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I am fairly new to the role of carer. At 57 my husband has been diagnosed with alzheimers.
I am still working and love my job , I work as a school receptionist, term time only.

I need to carry on working for my own sanity even though I know this is going to be difficult I must.
It is my respite and my only contact with friends etc.

Further down the lineas the illness progresses how do I begin to get help for someone to in theory babysit my husband for a frew house a day.

Don’t think I will get help off local authority but will have a good pension coming in from husbands.

I am 58 and all the professionals don’t seem to be getting what I am saying. If I was ten years down the line this wouldn’t be a problem but as much as I live my husband I have to set up a life after the end.

Have a look at local groups like good neighbours or similar or the local churches in your area for people to help. Once you start asking around you will be surprised at what is out there. Good Luck

Hi Nicola
Very sad to read your post
Do you know if your area have Admiral Nurses? I spoke with one a few times when my husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Helped considerably. Otherwise the Alzheimer’s association may be able to guide you in the right direction.

I second Pet on that recommendation :

Admiral nurses … a post code checker :

Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline - Dementia UK

Potential CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare / NHS Nursing Funded Care down the line ?

Plenty available on those … just ask and we shall deliver.