Caring for husband on chemo & delivery of groceries

Hi, My husband had a letter from NHS saying he must self isolate for 12 weeks min. When I go onto Sainsbury’s website I am told I can’t have an online grocery delivery as I am not on list…We are both over 70 and he is on chemo for cancer. What do I do next as Sainsbury’s are not available by any means. I am having to do everything because he can’t though I realise a lot are much worse off than me so I shouldn’t complain but being treated as virtual slave is not very good for morale!

Many in the same situation are now contacting their local mutual aid groups.

Among their top priorities , getting essential supplies to vulnerable citizens ranks head and shoulders above any others :

SEARCH using your post code.

In many areas , supplies need to be sort from more than one source … no one supermarket can guarantee having
whatever items available on their shelves at anyone time.

It’s seems that supermarkets need your date of birth registered. Some people opt out when registering. So when you signed up did you fill in that section.

There’s a list of vulnerable people which many supermarkets are using to prioritise for deliveries. Your husband would be eligible. Sign up here.
COVID-19: guidance for people whose immune system means they are at higher risk - GOV.UK.

Good luck, hope you get what you need.