Receiving food parcels but not shielding

I suffer from Chronic Asthma and COPD. I work at a food manufacturing site and my job is about 75% office based. When the lockdown started I told my employer that I was concerned because of my condition and the poor social distancing in the workplace. They agreed to allow me to work from home 3 days a week to reduce the risk a bit.

I did not receive a 12 week letter from my surgery so I contacted them regarding my predicament in the hope I could get a letter that would force my employer to allow me to work at home every day. They told me that asthmatic people were only being selected if they had be admitted to hospital in the last 12 months (which I haven’t).

I then filled out the online form to register myself as vulnerable. I can now get delivery slots from the Supermarkets so I don’t have to increase the risk getting supplies. I have also received a Government food parcel. I did not want the free food parcels. I only filled out the form to get supermarket delivery slots. It seems like a crazy situation now that I am receiving emergency food parcels but still going to work. However, I still have not had any correspondence from the Government or Surgery to prove to my employer that I can not leave my home.

Hi David,

Have you booked an telephone/online appointment with your GP to discuss this?

It would be worth contacting ACAS or Citizens Advice Bureau about your rights to work from home full-time at the moment.

It does all sound topsy-turvy. Well done though for securing online delivery slots that is a miracle in itself. What a waste of money though sending you an emergency food parcel when you don’t need one, in yet others in need aren’t receiving them.


Thanks for the reply. I may try and get a GP appointment.

I gave the food parcel to the elderly person that lives next door (apart from the coffee which I had ran out of). I have a good income and the only help I needed was delivery slots.