Caring for Daughter

Hi I’m not sure if I should call myself a Carer. My 25 year old Daughter suffers from poor mental health. She becomes very down and needs constant support and care. She sometimes goes out at night and doesn’t know where she is. It’s a constant worry and causes myself and family lots of stress.

Hi Lisa

You are definitely a carer.

This situation must be so hard on you…your daughter sounds vulnerable. Is she drinking when she goes out or is she confused ? What exactly happens…where does she go?

Has she had a needs assessment from Social Services?

…or does she know exactly where she is really, but doesn’t want to tell you?

I’m not wanting to offend and could be completely wrong, but it must be a possibility.

I used to go to places/do things that I wouldn’t have told my parents about, surely you must have similar memories.

Hello and welcome!

Maybe try installing a security app on her phone? Has she had a needs assessment or not yet? If you research security apps online, you should be able to find some that suit your needs. Make sure to read all the feedback including reviews as well carefully.

Summary. ‘Carer’ can mean a person who is paid or unpaid for their care role. An unpaid carer might be a partner, family member, friend or neighbour, and the arrangement could be temporary or permanent.

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