My daughter

Im the mum of a nearly 23 year old daughter who has had a pschotic episode three weeks ago.
i have had concerns about her for many years and her strange ideas, but have always been told that its not possible to make any diagnosis as she was young and there had been no incidences of this sort, although i have always been the one to help her through her failures and try to understand the next strange choice

Three weeks ago now her exboyfriend called saying she was not responding to his calls and acting very strange resulting in me calling an ambulace to her flat.

She was taken to hospital and detained overnight. Fortunately or unfortunately her father got there before me and signed a release form before the mental health services were able to diagnose her. As he has lived with her grandmother with schizophrenia he was adamant he did not want her given drugs or detained at the time

As a result she is now back in her flat in brighton alone. With no diagnosis.
She is obsessed with writing a book which is her ‘k2 theroy to the computer brain’. She thinks this is what she has always been about and her episode was a result of her ‘testing her theories’.

It is now clearly obvious to all that she has had an episode but is in complete denial and will not go the gp or volunarily access any services as she is adamant it was a one off episode and will never happen again

I am desperate. And as shes an adult i can do nothing to access services for her other than wait for another emergency and call services in again
Any advice please…

Often people with mental health issues deny anything is wrong, I am alright, there is nothing wrong

when there clearly is something very wrong.

And the NHS can do little if they refuse treatment.

Only if they are a dangerous to themselves and others can the NHS can take action

Sectioning someone for their own or the publics safety.

all you can do is stay strong yourself, get support for yourself.

You can contact the GP, they cannot give information confidentially but

should listen to your concerns.

You can also contact PALS, at the local Mental Health trust.

It is like alcoholics only when they are willing to admit there is an issue, help can be given

and progress made.

Hello and welcome.

What about writing a diary? Record details about each incident as it happens. For example jot down information on the incident and make brief notes on reactions etc as well.