Caring for my Daughter ..

Hi I look after my daughter who is 31yrs of age,There was a care plan in place a few years back but she didn’t like going to the day center or staying in respite to give me a break ,just wondering if there’s any other help i could get with her for the Social worker signed her off there books and Im out on my own now ,I do manage well with her and take her on holidays with me ,but some times i wish i had some sort of break but don’t know how i can go about it Thankyou.

Would you daughter except someone staying in the home. Introductions could take some time make them seem like a family friend. If you have confidence with someone. Perhaps your daughter would except this as an alternative.

Welcome to the forum. What is the nature of your daughter’s disability?

Hello and welcome!

Can you afford paid for carers or not? If you try to introduce them as “friends” that may reduce her overall embarrassment levels. It is worth a shot.

Hi Caroline,

I agree with Sunnydisposition’s suggestion. Alternatively, would she like to go on outings with a PA or to a club (that ties in with her interests) or to do be supported in volunteering. As BB says, what are her needs? With a bit more info, we could tailor advice better.


PS Meant to say, if your member name is your real name, it is advisable to change it, to protect your and your daughter’s identity.