Carers assessment

My Local authority seem to have no clue to how they or rather don’t work Time to rant😡
Middle of January phoned LA to ask for my Carers assessment, this was arranged as
Telephone and confirmed by letter that was 28th January gone: in that phone call
The guy I’m talking with suggests that I need a home visit! What a waste of everyone’s time!
(Which incidentally in the initial phone call to ask for said assessment I stated number of issues)
After speaking with 6 different persons at the LA I’m informed last week to attend a ‘One to one’
Meeting at a hub! about 7 miles away!:relieved:Baffled had assumed if not phone call it should be in own home!..But what about my husband wheelchair bound I am sole carer! Oh the irony of
my assessment! To have help to go out on my own! ‘Sitting service’ how unbelievable this
Adult care worker or whatever title to not even ask will I be able to get to appointment!
3 times I told him I would have to bring husband! Ok me thinks will send Council the Wheelchair
Taxi Bill specially as it’s there request for me to go there! Apologies for long rant! Yes I will put in
Complaint tomorrow but the whole situation is crazy! Another thing my assessment should be carried
Out with just myself! But I don’t have anything to keep from hubby anyway😀 Battle still in progress🤗

Insist that it will be done at home.

They have a duty to “make reasonable adustments” for the disabled and carers.

Has your husband had a Needs Assessment recently?!?!

The benefits are similar, we don’t have an assessment centre in our town, so you need to go to a big city 20 miles away.

If someone is severely disabled and can barely leave the house, that’s why they are applying for the benefit in the first place.

How are they supposed to travel to the centre 20 miles away?

The door to door disabled transport has been cut, seems to be some sort of test, that if you can get to the centre then you don’t need the benefit.

And then you ask about the disabled toilet, its upstairs, no lift.

I have told many people you are allowed a home visit, the benefits staff don’t tell you.

And if you don’t turn up, can’t turn up more like it they cut your benefits.

You are allowed a private carers assessment where you can talk freely and it should be at a convenient place to you.

There just seems to be so little understanding, the system seems to be for the benefit of the staff so they don’t need to leave their cosy office, it should be thinking about the customer.