Carers Assessment

Good Morning, I have been caring for my husband for 4 yrs now, He is a double leg amputee living with heart failure, He has had 4 heart attacks of which two were in the last 6 mths, We are both over 60 now and my health is not what it was, I would like to know how i go about asking for a Carers Assessment please? i am not even sure if it is the right thing for us to claim, I need help with the garden these days [hedge cutting] i would also like to be able to get out and go swimming but membership is so dear or a sewing class, Just to mix with other people for a couple of hours, Can anyone advice me please on how i get the ball rolling please? many thanks

Hi Belinda.

Carers Assessments ?

Look no further … from the main CUK site :

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Word to the wise ?

Wating time … a real post code lottery there.

Needs Assessment ?

Upto date through your LA ?

Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Same " Health " warning … waiting time.

Thank you so much, I did ask the lady from Adult Services when she came to do my husbands home needs assessment but she said she wasn’t allowed to do one for me and i would have to contact someone else, I never got around to it, But life has settled down abit now, many thanks

Your welcome.

Please can you give me your exact ages, to the nearest month?
Is your husband already claiming Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, or Attendance Allowance?

(I’ll be back later).

There are many things availiable - just got to claim them.