Carers Assessment?

My second post and i have a query please.
I have had to give up my job and home to move in with my mum in law as she is disabled and has dementia so therefore very unsafe and my husband and I do not wish to put into a home, i have recently applied for carers allowance.
My question is that i have heard you have to be assessed to be a carer, is this correct? and if so how do i do it, and what if i fail the assessment, i have worked as a carer for 24 years so feel qualified enough to care for mum in law.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Elodie,

you don’t have to be assessed but you need to be of working age and your MIL needs to be claiming Attendance Allowance, DLA or PIP.

You can read more here; Carer's Allowance | Carers UK


Thanks Melly.
MIL is getting high level AA, and i am of working age but as i said had to give up to move in and give her full time care.
and it is full, non stop.

A Carers Assessment is some thin completely different! It is done by Social Services. NOT assessing your abilities at all, but looking at what you are doing, and what support they can offer to help you care. Mum should also have a Needs Assessment from SSD.
Hope that helps? Feel free to ask anything.

Bowling, that is very useful info, i thought i had to be assessed then get registered to care for mil officially( getting told so many different stories) one reason why i joined Carers UK was to collect the correct information.
Thank you.