Carers allowance

Well after trying to balance work and caring full time for an elderly parent I now have to give up work and resign as my mental health is seriously affected. I will be aiming to claim carers allowance as my mum receives attendance allowance and is 79. Any advice?

Hi Gary.

So far so good … the number of carers having to give up work to care is increasing , rapidly.

Carers Allowance ?

All you need to know from elsewhere on this site :

Carer's Allowance | Carers UK

Any other benefits / allowances payable ?

Possibly … an online benefits calculator will reveal what’s out there :

If the dreaded Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor , a slightly different ball game :

Universal Credit | Carers UK

Mother … on the radar of AGE UK ?

Housing … your mother sole home owner ?

Tenanted … social or b.t.l. ?

Your interest in the property … protected ?

Council tax … disregard / discount ?

What outside support are you both receiving ?

Needs and Carer Assessments … upto date / in course ?

Feel free to bounce anything further of us here on the forum.

Can I inquire what type of employment will you be giving up.

Have you considered reduced hours part time etc.
Have you considered your future pension/s.
Have you given thoughts on how your life will change.

Life as a carer can be very isolating. Have you looked at what you network of people will be.

You must consider you own needs along side your family member.