What To Do Next?

Not sure if this comes under this topic but my mom was a full time carer for my gran, sadly she has recently passed away. My mom received the carers allowance looking after her but obviously that will soon stop. So i just wondered what do we do next? Will she be expected to go onto another benefit like universal credit which i know she isn’t that keen on as will she be expected to find a full time job (You know what they are like) or is there another type of benefit. She is 61 so going back to the jobs she used to do are not ideal. I have a part time job which i will hopefully increase my hours in so i can help out but i just wanted to know what options are out there for this situation and what is the best way forward.

Carers Allowance is exactly that, it’s an allowance (albeit a pitiful one) for caring for someone, it’s not an easy entry route into the benefits system.

If she is eligible for a benefit then it makes sense to apply for it, the alternative, and what most of us have to do until retirement is to get a job.