Pension Credit: Do I Need to Report this Change?


I live with my parents and my dad gets Pension Credit.

I just found employment and am expecting my claim to Universal Credit (a job search benefit) to end soon.

Does my dad need to report this to the Pension Credit people?


Hi Andrew.

Pension Credit changes to report ?

Pension Credit: Report a change of circumstances - GOV.UK

Report a change of circumstances

You need to report changes to you and your partner’s personal and financial circumstances.

Your claim might be stopped or reduced if you do not report a change straight away.

A change of personal circumstances can include :

starting or stopping work.
going into hospital or a care home.
people moving in or out of your house.
moving house.
changing your name.
switching your bank account.
changes to your Post Office card account.
leaving England, Scotland and Wales for over 4 weeks.
you start or stop looking after a child or young person under the age of 20.

You also need to report if your income or expenses change. This can include changes to :

housing costs, for example ground rent or service charges.
> benefits that anyone living in your home gets - including getting a new benefit or a benefit being stopped.
occupational or personal pensions - including if you start to get a new pension or take a lump sum out of your pension pot.
other income, for example foreign pensions or Working Tax Credits.
savings, investments or property.

Call the Pension Credit helpline if you’re not sure if you need to report a change.

Strange but … reportable.

( Technically , winning a tenner on tonight’s Lottery would be reportable … even if you spend a tenner winning it !
Better keep quiet if it’s a pony … £ 25. )