Universal Credit after a death of close relative

Good Afternoon,

I’m deeply stressed , frustrated , upset and not in control of my mind since been told that dad’s got cancer.

I’ve mostly cared for him since 2013 after tests results confirmed Alzheimer’s.
This is whilst my self not being in a fit state of health.

I’m not sure what DWP will do in future as I get U C with a Carers Element ?

I’m still waiting to receive treatment from Orthopaedic Hospital for bilateral spinal injections.
Which includes two separate procedures four weeks apart then rehab classes.

I’m entitled to 8weeks of Carers Allowance following death of my Father.
I’m dreading having to go to the J C on a daily basis because of severe pains.

My own health has worsened leading to increase in medications that don’t really do much.

What are my options if any to avoid more tension and future adversities?

Many Thanks

Hi Syd.

Options strictly limited as any " Change in circumstances " has to be reported to the DWP … under UC , through your online journal ?

UC change in circumstances :

Universal Credit: Report a change of circumstances - GOV.UK

Caree in hospital / re-ablement care ?


The day you are admitted is treated as a day out of hospital and the day you are discharged is treated as a day in hospital.

If you go into hospital, your carer’s allowance will stop after 12 weeks.
If the person you are caring for goes into hospital, your carer’s allowance will stop when their attendance allowance, disability living allowance care component or personal independence payment daily living component stops> .

On the death of a caree … 8 weeks confirmed :


What happens to my carers allowance when the person dies ?

Your carer’s benefits will stop after your friend or family member’s death.

If you’re getting Carer’s Allowance or Income Support for carers, your benefit payments can continue for up to eight weeks following the death of the person you were caring for.

Under UC , that means a lot of juggling with the various benefits making up UC … like literally walking into a minefield as the figures try to catch up with actual circumstances.

( Practical experience when working with neighbours on zero hour contracts under UC and others being referred by my local food bank. )

On the health front … CHC/ NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Palliative care ?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response.

U C a minefield as figures try to catch up with individuals circumstances.

Eventually, I will be given an appointment with job advisor who follow the usual format.
Each one tuned to their Mantra, " Making Work Pay".
Ignoring highly qualified Doctors over DWP paid assessors.
My circumstances at that time will be ongoing treatment for Spinal Degeneration.

I might not even be well enough to attend due to rehabilitation.
So, am guessing they will SANCTION ME and ignore medical intervention.
Force me to sign a Claimant Commitment under Job Seekers rule.

I can only wait and prepare for the worse.

Your welcome.

As many more will find out for themselves … when that UC steamroller starts up again … akin , in financial terms , to the bubonic plague ?

Don’t ignore those health issues … last couple of bits in my first reply.

I don’t know anything about UC but surely you can’t be classified as “fit for work” in your condition???

Do you claim PIP?