Carers allowance overpayment not sure they are correct

Hi need help please I have received a letter saying I owe 2000 for carers allowance over payment not sure why this is as my earnings have never been over any threshold. I have my payslips and P60 for the 3 years in question and have made a spreadsheet sheet and it looks like I have never earned enough. They are also suggesting that I told them my earnings differ from month to month they don’t I get a salary paid equally over 12 months. Not sure how there calculations differ from mine or what the periods they mention are also the first period mentioned over laps a period they mention in a letter i got when I first applied for the carers allowance I have even reduced hours and started paying into pension to insure I am under the limits. Any help would be great please.

Hi @Craigprud, welcome to the forum. I would suggest getting all the paper work together, bank statements and p60 etc, contact the carers helpline but also citizens advice and see someone, see if you can speak to someone in the job center to talk about it after you made contact with the people I suggested before doing anything, take it from there.
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You can ask them for a copy of the evidence on which their decision is based. Over the last 50 years I’ve helped loads of people make benefit claims, 100% success rate, until it came to my own! After I was disabled in a car accident a doctor came to see me. His interview technique was appalling and his report a pack of lies. Even saying the Waitrose car park was 300 yards from the shop, when in fact it’s just two metres!!! I tore the report to shreds and said that under no circumstances should he ever be used again. Finally I was granted PIP.

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