Carers Allowance & DLA

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Recently new to joining carersuk and finding the service very helpful
I have a question regarding recently applying for carers allowance, my mother is currently receiving the muddle of the care component of DLA and I as her son have applied for the carers allowance and have recently dropped my hours in work to meet the criteria for this benefit
What I would like to know is with myself now becoming her carer does this mean that he DLA could be affected ?
I was told previously by family members this could happen but just want some clarification on this if possible

Many Thanks for reading the post and apologies if I have posted this into the wrong section of the website

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Disability Living Allowance | Carers UK)%20and%2F%20or%20tax%20credits.

Please read the above link.

DLA is not means tested so your financial circumstances will not be taken into account. DLA is also not taxable and does not reduce other benefits. In fact, it may even increase the amount of benefit you get, or help you to qualify for other benefits (such as Carer’s Allowance) and/ or tax credits.