Carers Allowance

Hi all

Might be becoming a carer for my sister, what I want to know is, does my carers allowance come straight out of her DLA allowance?

Hi Nicholas.

( A potential kinship carer … the following link may be of some interest : )

DLA and CA … claim one , lose the other ?

NO !


DLA is not means tested so your financial circumstances will not be taken into account.

DLA is also not taxable and does not reduce other benefits.

In fact, it may even increase the amount of benefit you get, or help you to qualify for other benefits (such as Carer’s Allowance) and/ or tax credits.

However , if SDA ( Severe Disability Allowance ) is also claimed by your sister , said SDA disappears if you claim Carers Allowance.

Online Benefits Calculaor … always handy to check if ALL current benefits and allowances are currently being claimed :

If any abnormalities are thrown up , feel free to bounce them off us here on the forum.