Carers Active Hub

The Carers Active Hub is designed to help carers of all ages be more active and overcome some of the barriers to moving more. The Hub contains a range of advice and information about the options available for building more physical activity into life around a caring role .

The Hub includes the following:

• Video sessions
• Activity ideas and tips on getting started - inspiration and links to resources to help carers find something they enjoy
• Carers’ stories – carers share their experiences of getting active while caring
• Expert advice – insight from health and social care professionals

You can access the Hub at Carers Active Hub | Carers UK

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HI Patrick

the link that is on the post is broken is there a new one for the hub?

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Try this link:Carers Active Hub | Carers UK

My Carers Active April journey continues. Yesterday I pushed my walking frame from carpark to seafront, a return walk of about a mile and my furthest distance yet. I’d never realised how difficult a frame is to push, uneven flagstones, steep kerbs and people who walk across your path. It takes far longer than just walking and I have to stop every few yards to rest my arms. But every bit of exercise helps, whether your walking, swimming or gardening.

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A mile is good going with a frame! Well done!

Thank you for the article. Very good and excellent! smash karts

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