We know that finding the time and energy to be active can be challenging while you are also juggling all the demands of being a carer. Our Carers Active campaign is about encouraging moving in whatever way works for you, makes you feel good and helps you build activity into your weekly routine. This forum channel will provide useful links, tips, and advice about how to be active, and why it’s so beneficial to health and wellbeing. It is also a chance to share your physical activity experiences and tell us what resources or support would help you to be active.

Now more than ever finding ways to improve health and wellbeing is crucial. Around three quarters of carers do not feel that they are able to do as much physical exercise as they’d like to do and want to know how to build this into their busy lives. We also know from research and speaking with carers that:

• 67% of carers said doing a range of physical activities helped them to feel more connected to other people.
• 58% of carers said being active helped them to learn more about the importance of looking after their health.
• Carers are more likely to categorise themselves as rarely or never lonely after finding an opportunity to exercise regularly.
• Carers who take part in some form of physical activity say that their mental wellbeing improves as a result.

There’s no need to be the fastest, the strongest or go the longest. It’s what works for YOU.

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