Carer for mother with dementia


My mother has been diagnosed with dementia and i have recently activated Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial affairs and Health and Welfare. I am currently looking at supplying care for my mother on a self funding basis and enquiring about using an individual carer recommended by a professional but not sure what are all the ins and outs about taking on an individual carer and what that involves and will need some advice. My mother has a live in partner who does some of the care like shopping and cooking, and help with medication under the supervision of the mental health nurse. My sister and i live away.

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How old is mum, and how severe is her dementia?
Are you claiming Attendance Allowance for her?
Did you know her dementia means she is EXEMPT from council tax. This exemption can be backdated.
Ask Social Services to do a Needs Assessment for mum.
If she has under £23,000 they will pay for some or all of her care.

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Our helpline can help answer these questions if you’d like to contact them - 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or email

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