mum has dementia

hi im looking after my mum as her full time carer and ive just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia im in agony all the time but my mum won’t have anymore carers looking after her only me.

It’s not up to mum to tell you what to do with your life!

However, it’s a problem that often occurs here, parents forget that their children are now adults, with their own lives, dreams, work and responsibilities.
Can you tell us a bit more about mum and your own situation, and we can give you a few ideas to consider.

Hard though it may seem, your top priority must be YOUR health now, not mum’s.

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hi my mum is 88 years old and lives on her own there is me and my brother but im doing the caring cos i have the experience she has celiac as well as dementia

Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance and exemption from Council Tax due to “severe mental impairment”.
This exemption is very easy to claim, and can be backdated! Highest amount refunded so far is £8,000!
Do you have Power of Attorney?

Have you had a Carers Assessment from Social Services?

yeah mum has attendance allowance my brother has the power of attorney and no i havent had a carers assesment yet

Are you claiming Carers Allowance?

yes im claiming carers allowance