Hey all, am currently a full time carer for my elderly mother who has dementia, thankfully so far shes pretty happy and its not affecting her to a dibilitating stage but its heartbreaking seeing her lose little parts of herself.

I’ve been her fulltime carer for 18 months, and was a full time carer for my father before that who had cancer, so its been a tough couple of years. How do you all manage with your mental health?

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Keep reminding yourself that your own health and needs are of equal value to mum’s.
Streamline the house as much as possible.
Claim Attendance Allowance and employ a “cleaner” who can keep an eye on mum too.
Claim exemption from Council Tax. This can be backdated to date of diagnosis.
Use a tumble dryer. Use a dishwasher.
Use the mailing preference service to reduce junk mail. One less thing for you to sort out.
Do you have Power of Attorney?

Do you live with mum?