Care provider in Sheffield

Hello everyone. A few years back this forum was a life saver for me as I navigated the then new world of being a carer. Although my own care journey ended a couple of years ago, I will never forget the support and help that Carers UK offered…

…which is why I’m back! I’m hoping that anyone reading this who is in Sheffield (especially the Norton area) can recommend a care provider for my partner’s elderly mum who is in the early to early / mid stages of dementia. She’s still living at the family home and likely needing a 15 / 30-minute welfare / care visit 3 or 4 times a day to make sure she’s safe. This would be her first experience of having a carer…

I know we could Google - but personal recommendation is always best :slight_smile: Can anyone suggest a care provider in Sheffield who we could approach? Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

Mike (and Krys)

Hi Michael, make sure that MIL has a formal WRITTEN diagnosis, then she can claim Disability Living Allowance AND exemption from Council Tax. Does your partner have Power of Attorney.

Tell us more. There are steps.