I'm new to theforum

Just a quick hello I’m Nick and I’m a carer for my mother that has dementia,we are far down the road on this journey,mum has been unable to walk or talk for years.


Hi Nick and welcome to the forum. Sorry to read about Mum’s problems. Well done for providing care. Do you get any help and support?

You’ll find us a friendly bunch on here and there’s loads of advice and support. Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and ask anything you like. Nothing shocks, believe me!!

You may like to check out the Roll Call thread where we have a general chat and share how our days are going and stuff like that - often light-hearted which is fun.

I’m Chris, 63 and caring for my husband after he had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago which forced us to close our small business. Since then he’s had a cascade of other health issues including cardiac problems, bladder issues and now prostate cancer. Never ends does it?

Best wishes.


Hello Wilmo, welcome to the forum. Are you getting any help? So many people are unaware of the support available. Is mum getting highest rate Attendance Allowance (or maybe the older benefit DLA)? Did you know mum is exempt from Council Tax if this benefit is claimed? Money doesn’t solve any illness but can make life a lot easier.

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Hello and welcome from me too.

Do you get any support? Are you able to leave your mother for short periods? Do you have any family support?

I care for my 85 year old husband with co morbidities. One suggestion is to see if you have a local Carers Support. If so , it is worth making contact. I cannot easily get to meetings but I do have a telephone befriender. They have often been carers themselves.

I echo Chris with regard to Roll Call. Lots of support and empathy and yes, sometimes some laughter.


Check out role call. Very useful too.

@wilmo77…welcome to the forum