I need help

Hello to you all from a very frustrated carer. I work full time but care for mum doing finances, cleaning, washing etc. My sister has heart failure so is limited what she can do. My mum has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia and we moved her to a retirement village last year, she has carers coming in 4 times per day for 15 mins at a time… The reason we moved mum was because mum was struggling and the retirement village told us mums care package would be tailored to her needs and even if she deteriorated they would provide care to suit. We worried about it being independent living and mum going out but she always managed to get back to the complex and when we said we were worried the head carer said 'its independent living we can’t stop her going out so we let mum go. Mum has struggled with lock down and about 3 weeks ago she went out on her own by taxi to a local shopping centre. My mum got tired and got in a taxi and went to her sisters address in error (her sister died a while ago and no-one lives there who are family). Luckily the lady was nice at the address she called the police and my brother in law & sister had to go and fetch her and take her back to the complex. Suddenly we have had a call from the social worker saying the retirement village have said mum is a safeguarding risk and they can no longer provide the adequate care for her and feel she needs to be in residential care. I am so angry can they force mum to be moved? We are in the middle of another lock down this is disgusting. What can I do? Mum is clean, her flat is clean I don’t get it. Me and my sister have power of attorney, does this count for anything? Please help. :-??? :-??? :-???

Hi Karan,

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All sounds very stressful and worrying.

Does your Mum have a contract for the supported living and for the care provided? What does that say? T

4 X 15 minute care visits is not much. Do you think your Mum would be more settled with 4 longer care visits?

The retirement village are right that they can’t currently stop your Mum going out, they could however if there was DOLS in place.

There is information about DOLS here https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/legal-financial/deprivation-liberty-safeguards-dols-supported-living