Care Package Query & General Advice

Mum now has advanced dementia, at home bed bound, doubly incontinent (catheter) and needs to be fed. She has 4 visits per day (45 and 3x30 minutes) and a family member lives with her but they work, currently from home.

When I looked at care notes, carers are only staying for anywhere between 5-10-15 minutes as family member wants to do feeding themselves. I tried to suggest (to family member that maybe carers could help out with washing up as there is a lot of it now but they didn’t think the carers would do this. We haven’t seen care plan and previous carers have done any little jobs that needed doing. Any thoughts at all? Not helped as I made a request for extra 15 minutes of care for feeding time which has been granted for when fam member returns to office.

Ask for a copy of the Needs Assessment and care plan. Maybe time for a new one?
Consider NHS Continuing Care funding, surely the time is fast approaching when residential is the only option left?