Cant find a recent thread that posted

I titled it 2 carers four times a day and still exhausted. Wanted to see if I had any recent teplies and its gone!!??!!

Any ideas?

Hi Jacqueline,

I can’t find that, but I found a thread called Mother calling out at night that starts in that way:

I remember that one Jacqueline and it does seem to have gone. There was some kind of spamming attack and a lot of stuff had to be deleted. Maybe that thread was caught up in that?

I get automatic email notifications if someone has replied to a thread I’ve participated in. Are you not getting these?

So sorry Jacqueline but I think your post must have got caught up in the weekend spam “attack” - there were 606 spam posts that had to be deleted and a few legitimate posts got caught up in the crossfire and were unfortunately inadvertently deleted. Our IT guys have looked into it and advise that, regretfully, they are unable to reinstate any deleted posts.

Ah ok. No probs. Glad the spam has been cleared away, until the next time!