Can someone fly after a stroke

I am wondering if someone can fly after they have had a stroke ? Do they need a medical certificate and does it depend what country they fly from? From Europe?

Couple of quotes from an Internet search :


There is no hard and fast rule for when it safe to fly after having a stroke.

The NHS and the Stroke Association advise that if you have had a stroke you should not fly for two weeks. In more severe cases, patients may have to avoid flying for three months.

Flying is not safe until your condition has stabilized and your medical team agrees that it’s safe to fly.

The general guidelines for flying after stroke is to wait at least two weeks. If you had a TIA (a “mini stroke”) then you might only need to wait a minimum of 3 days.

Fun will be … insurance.


After a stroke. … It’s important to declare that you have had a stroke, even if it wasn’t recently, when looking for a policy.

That way, you can buy insurance that covers medical issues that may arise during your holiday as a result of you having a stroke

Perhaps a visit to that meerkat lair to test the waters ?

Simples ?

Thanks Chris

Your welcome.