Ambulance call out. Be careful

One would think that calling an ambulance when one has had an obvious stroke they would do the right thing.
Not so.
My crew just told me to have a blood pressure test in TWO WEEKS time. Nothing else !!

Now common sense told me something amiss here my lad !

So phoned for a doctor and went to hospital within 4 days (which was very late too), for many tests to follow.

So when an ambulance crew says do this or do that, think it over !!

What are the biggest misconceptions about paramedics ?

Thinking paramedics can give medical advice outside of emergencies , > that they can do check-ups for kids wanting to participate in school sports , > or that they are doctors> .

In Albert’s case , what if that paramedic cum doctor had been wrong … with tragic consequences ?

Best to be " Wired " when speaking with a paramedic … or any other NHS staff member not medically qualified ?

The ambulance chasers would then have a field day … at our , as taxpayers , expense !

Albert, do you mean you have had a stroke? How are you?


Yes, just over 2 months ago and I’m fine now.
Thanks for asking.

I’ll tell you one thing to watch out for when you call an ambulance: my wife was carted off in one some time ago and I was asked if I wanted to go with her. The natural instinct is to say yes without really thinking, which I did, until the wife said that they won’t of course bring you back home again, you’ll be at the mercies of public transport at an unknown time of day.

I went in the car, once I’d established whereabouts in the hospital she was.

(Even then she wasn’t actually there, they’d moved her in the interim to an isolation ward cos she had shingles - then they didn’t want to let me in to see her - cos she had shingles! - I had to point out that I’d spent the last 17,000 odd nights in the same bed and only that morning had washed and dressed her, and segregation to prevent me getting shingles was probably a bit late).

Yes, I too had to decide whether to go in ambulance when my wife broke her hip.
I decided to go by car and follow the ambulance after telling them not to go there
blue light on at 70 MPH . :slight_smile:

Our local hospitals do have a special TAXI phone but I’ve never used it.