Major Stroke (Help)

Hi Im new to this forum… My name is Sally and I care for my husband Robert who had a major stroke last February.
He was in hospital for 10weeks and then went to Raphael Rehabilitation Hospital in Tonbridge where he received brilliant care and rehabilitation to the point he could walk with the aid of a gutter frame…Unfortunately the funding for this was withdrawn and he was discharged after 4 months with the promise by the social services that he would receive all the help at home…this really did not happen.

I have to work full time as he only receives PIP so he now sits in a chair all day until I get home. Its so very sad he isnt retirement age and desperately wants to go back to work but without any physio this just isnt possible.

Is anyone else in the same situation as me to give me advice of what I can do please

Your husband is entitles to other benefits,
I would suggest talking to Carers UK help line or local Citizens advice.
You can raise a self refer for NHS physio or through your G.P.
The are loads of charities who provide help etc.

thank you so much for your reply I will look at the links you have sent.

I think the important figure is £23,250 in savings. Otherwise your Husband is entitled to free care by Social Services…

My Mum actually fractured her spine while in hospital due to negligence, we were promised the world if I was willing to take Mum home. A physio would visit and get Mum back on her feet, Social services would provide everything.

A physio did turn up, took one look at a Woman in her 70’s and told me there was nothing she could do, never to appear again.

Social Services turned up, asked if Mum had savings more than £23,250, when my Sister replied Yes, the Social Worker had the audacity to say “Good, that means I don’t have to fill out any paperwork”…

I’m sorry if I’ve gone “off subject” but you really have to fight for everything, something other brilliant people on this forum have taught me.

If I could go back a year, I think my Mum would still be walking…


we had a similar situation after my 52 yr. old daughter had a stroke.

we have ended up employing a private physio at £55 a session. she comes once a week, and has made all the difference. it is a struggle to pay, but its well worth it. it gives her motivation to keep going, keep trying and not to give up.

My mum also had this problem.
She lived in Hampshire, admitted to Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Dorset, as it’s nearer than Southampton General, in Hampshire.
Her discharge arrangements were all mucked up because RBH didn’t understand how to liase with Hampshire.
Mum waited over 6 months before the physio turned up.
I wanted to be there when she visited, but I wasn’t told.
Physio didn’t have any proper information about her knee replacement (so unusual her x rays toured Europe with her consultant!).
Physio didn’t understand that the exercises she wanted mum to do were impossible due to the nature of this op.
Physio said mum was uncooperative and disappeared, never to be seen again!