Mum Had Stroke What To Do About Her Sky TV Contract

My mum had a serious stroke during the early hours of the 23rd December. It looks very likely she won’t be returning home just worried what happens to her sky tv contract which has 12 months to run.

Any advice would be appreciated

Will continue until cancelled ?

Maybe a case to argue to avoid any " Exit " fees ?


How to cancel your Sky TV subscription | Sky Help |

The full sp.

Sky has an “Accessibility” helpline, they are usually very quick and helpful.
Presumably mum is in hospital now?
You need to tell DWP, I’d suggest writing and sending the letter by recorded delivery.

Ive usually phone dwp in the past but all lines are closed till monday.

Also wondering what happpens to my CA will I still receive that for the next 4 weeks which I believe is the maximum

Already answered in your other , recent , thread ?


If you go into hospital, your carer’s allowance will stop after 12 weeks.

If the person you are caring for goes into hospital, your carer’s allowance will stop when their attendance allowance, disability living allowance care component or personal independence payment daily living component stops.

Sorry didn’t see your reply - thanks I have just managed to cancel her sky contract though using the accessibilty as suggested on the other thread.

Do you have Power of Attorney?
All sorts of issues are about to come up I’m afraid. I’ve been in a very similar position myself.
Was mum living in her own home?