Stroke help

Hi, my dad of 77 had a stroke, it took his left side and this happened 9 weeks ago. We lost my brother to cancer aged 43 5 days before the stroke and I think that’s what brought it on. Anyway. It’s been 9 weeks now, waiting for him to go into a rehab centre and had to fight for that as the physio we’re trying to say there was nothing else they could do for him. But at that point he hadn’t had much physio due to complications. They’ve now sorted his diabetes out and he’s getting stronger with his back and his speech etc. But his left side is still not working. He gets pain down it. Does this mean after 9 weeks he won’t get his mobility back or is it still possible especially when he goes to rehab? He’s only having maximum one hour per day physio Monday to Friday at present. Thanks

Hello Lynne
Welcome to the forum. When my late husband had a stroke( sadly other ailments followed) we were put in touch with the stroke society. They were very helpful, and encouraging, with practical advice as well as emotional. Worth a try to contact then.
Sad to here your dad had the so soon after losing your brother. A raw time indeed for you, and I understand its not easy, but you must consider yourself too.

Hi Lynne,
welcome to the forum.
Sorry to read about you Dad and the loss of your brother. That’s a lot to deal with.

A friend of ours had a stroke following an operation; she found improvement is most rapid in the early weeks afterwards. She still has a weakness done one side (her arm in particular), but she continues to improve over a year on. Her speech wasn’t affected, but her short term memory was.


My mum had a stroke at 80, it meant she lost the use of her right side. Mum was in hospital for 3 months with very little physio, really concentrated on her speech, which recovered very well. Mum came to live with me and we had OTs and physios in for about 6 months, she didn’t recover her mobility but tried so hard. I think they would have carried on coming out if there had been improvement, usually the early months after a stroke show the most recovery. A friend of ours in his late 60s had a serious stroke and he made a total recovery, so there is always hope. Best wishes.