Can social services make unannounced visits to determine if

Mother and brother have lived together in my parents house for almost 50 years—includes last 10 yrs since my fathers passing. Ready to put 92 yr old mom into AL hopefully before holidays. Recently learned they have major cockroach infestation so exterminators are being checked out. Preparing for this involves deep cleaning and washing and packing in plastic all clothing, dishes, etc. kitchen, closets, bedrooms, attic etc must be cleaned, bagged and area sprayed once and again in 30 days. Brother is a hoarder and entire 2nd floor is stacked from floor to ceiling with tools, furniture, etc I’m surprised the weight of everything has not caved in to 1st floor. Brother is refusing to move his stuff out. Does not think mother is ready for AL. I’m thinking if social services come, both will be required to move to a safer environment. Mother is ready for AL and knows it’s time to sell the house to support her care. Is there any other options besides an eviction notice to force my brother to get his stuff out of there or let it be sold in an estate sale?

Can you explain what “AL” is?
If mum needs residential care, and your brother lives there, it should not be assumed that the house has to be sold.
Ring our CUK Helpline for a confidential chat about a rather unusual situation.

I’m guessing Assisted Living