Hi I should have introduced myself previously

My mother is in care home awaiting to be found a permanent place. she is there just over 3 weeks, previously I cared for her for six and a half years

I am aware I need my wits about me its been hellishly stressful you cannot assume anyone will contact you about anything you just have to join the dots and be pre emptive

I am hoping that a relative cannot be forced into paying for the loved ones CARE? I have to survive in the famliy home until my pension arrives and no financial help unless I work I have looked into it all. that is another story

So just wanting to make sure they cannot sell the home over my head I am living her 40 years and 60 plus it does fit what I have read --they should disregard the home —but then again I have read that Social Services can do things wrong etc. so am may need legal help in case which my brother would have to pay for and just hope he would be willing.

Good advice given to me don’t have long conversations and get everything in an email in case you need to prove anything!!

This whole process does take such a toll on one.

thanks for reading

Hi Ms Anne and welcome!

I see you’ve already had loads of advice: it’s at times like this that you really need a good social worker…and they so often seem to be somewhere else…

You will feel so much less stressed once mum is settled. Try to take it one day at a time.
Are you involved in discussions about where mum will be moving to?
Insist it is as near your home as possible, so you can still visit regularly.