Mother in home, keeps falling. !?

Home keeps ringing me to tell me my mother has fallen, trying to get up from chair. Nurses say to her, do not try to get up by yourself instead ask for help, any advice on this?
Surely mum should try?

Maybe she needs a different chair?
Staff know that your mum needs help, to avoid another fall, which might break something. You would have more to complain about then. Maybe ask them for a copy of mum’s risk assessment? Have they discussed it with you and mum? I suspect not!

My Mum had a “rise and recline” chair, which she loved. it had an electric “handset”.
The day before she died, she told me it was more comfy than being in bed.

Hi Louisa,
if she falls when trying, probably better she learns to ask for help. I agree with BB, is her chair suitable? Are her feet flat on the floor? Does her chair have arms at a suitable height?

Next time you visit, observe her moving from sitting to standing - is she able to do it unaided? Ideally she would be seen by OT or a physio - though I’m not sure if that is possible in a care home? (Some other posters will know.) A riser recliner may help, if finances allow - you could ask rep to visit and let her try different chairs.


Hi Louisa
Is your Mother in a care home or nursing? Possibly need a falls prevention team to assess her. The are obliged to telephone and tell you when she has fallen, as you could complain if they didn’t. It’s very much a worry, I understand that. Painful to think mobility capacity is declining

Hi Louisa,
Find out if your mother is taking vitamin D supplements (known as the ‘sunshine’ vitamin).
Older people with low levels of vitamin D are more susceptible to falls.

That’s interesting to know, Karen.