Brick wall....

Hi there,

I look after my husband who is bi polar and suffers bouts of mania,its very difficult at times specifically as I suffer from depression myself.
He has been refused PIP ( as I have) and we are left to survive with practically nothing.
The very small amount of DLA I had been getting stopped in June.
Is anyone else in a similar position? :frowning: No idea how people who are ill are expected to survive like this…

Hi G,

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Have you appealed re PIP decision?



My son has, as yet diagnosed mental health problems, but probably autism and bi-polar. We applied for PIP for him and after an 18 month battle finally got it in July 2019. We were waiting to go to a tribunal after we were not successful in the mandatory reconsideration. I just kept sending in evidence from the mental health assessments and counsellor. Eventually the decision was reversed before we went to the tribunal.

I know it is difficult but keep fighting. If you are receiving help from social services or mental health team ask for help. The most important thing is to tell them how his illness affects him in every day life.

Please let us know if you have completed the mandatory reconsideration process.

Thank-you for the welcome and your comments.
I appealed it initially, but then the citizens advice warned me that they could take away peoples driving licence at the appeal,which to me is scandalous but we couldn’t risk it.
I had to drop the appeal which is why I believe they are using this threat…:frowning:

I have not heard of that threat before. I do not believe that it is any of their business re your driving licence but if this is your only concern for not appealing, would it be possible for someone else to drive you both there or to get a taxi?

Who has the driving licence? I can’t see why it would be taken away from someone who is suffering from depression.If it was unsafe for your husband to drive because of his MH condition or the meds he is on, his psychiatrist or GP should have informed him of this and he would know of this already and shouldn’t be driving.
Here is some info from the rethink website Driving and mental illness