Bi polar son

Hi everyone,
New here and posting to see if anyone has advice or guidance. My 28 year old has a diagnosis of bi polar. He has had various medications in the past, but due to his attempted suicides he says he has been refused all medication. He refuses to be helped by the mental health team and to be honest, they just seem to go round in circles with him. He just doesn’t want to live or be helped. I have been in contact with them in the past and they just say if he is refusing help, there is nothing they can do as he is an adult. They will only interevene in an emergency situation. Last time I contacted them, he went ballistic and it took a very long time for him to even keep in contact with me.

It’s such an awful situation - obviously mainly for him, but also for my adult daughter and myself. We are just so worn out by his negativity and vicious words. He refuses/can’t find joy in living and anything I suggest is just so lame.

Anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks

Hi Bea

I love the name Bluebell. You have my heartfelt sympathy - my son has severe mental health difficulties and his behaviour has been challenging in the past.

Have you come across Bipolar UK? They have a support phoneline though I’m not sure whether it’s for carers or just sufferers:

With best wishes