Struggling with my partner

My partner of 8 years is unwell with his mental health, he has a kind of bipolar. He was hospitalised last year due to a serious episode following the death of his brother. He still blames me for ending up in hospital. He has been better than even recently and the dr agreed for him to stop medication. He is really unwell less than 2 weeks after he was discharged from his consultant. He is hallucinating, he hasn’t slept for days but gets angry if I mention seeing a gp. He is managing to drive to work and back. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks

Hi & welcome Emma

Sorry to hear you partner is unwell and you are both having a difficult time. I have to say that your partner should not be driving at all. If he is experiencing hallucination’s and has sleep deprivation.

And I now it tough to hear but what if he caused an accident. You both would never forgive yourselves. The fact you mentioned it shows you are greatly concerned.

Anyone can contact the DVLA and report someone if they are a danger.

Would you be able to confidentially contact his work. Your partner thinking processes are impaired. And his work may also be effected. Are you able to speak to the consultant.

Hi Emma,

I just read your post, how are things now ? living with someone with un medicated bi polar must be very very very hard on you - on the both of you.

If you want to talk - I am happy to listen