Hello to everyone. I am at present a very emotionally exhausted wife to someone who has BPD .
I have looked after my husband for many years and we have been through some very harrowing times.

Don’t get me wrong. there have been good stuff too. I just feel at the moment that I have run out of steam.

My husband I feel tries his best and is actively involved with mental health services. I just feel nothing changes as we get older and it gets harder to cope with the outbursts of anger leaving me feeling exhausted, and anxious. I cannot relax in my own home just waiting for the next episode over usually nothing.I have come on here to off load a little. I think my husband is finding it way to easy to transfer his anger onto me and finds any reason just to have a go. normally I can handle it, but not at the moment it happening too regular. I have lots of coping strategies in place but nothing seems to be working as well as it usually does.

Hi Jo … welcome to the canteen.

Extremely quiet on the forum as I type.

Not my field but … as a holding reply … BPD is not uncommon on the forum.

Over 500 " Hits " when searching.

Like giving you something to read whilst waiting to see a specialist , the following link
will reveal all posts on BPD … some may prove to be of immediate interest :


( Back to 2012 when , I assume , the master section was created. )

Your own post , the latest , appears on top.

Some will be muti layered … one thread with more than one reply … some with 10 or more.

I hope others will be along to extend their welcomes.