Borderline Personality Disorder

My wife (63 has suffered from this on and off for most of her life, but recently there are fewer remissions. Her behavior is very challenging at times. It’s taking a bit of a toll on me, I could do with a chat with another in a similar situation.

Hi Kevin and welcome.
There’s quite a few on here in similar situations but not everyone posts all the time. While waiting for contacts, can I suggest you use the search box to search for relevant terms and bring up past threads?. Use a variety of words and spellings, e.g boarder BPD and bpd for example

Apart for the specifics of a caree with Borderline, how are you managing with some “me time”, breaks away, and looking after yourself generally?


Hi, as a novice here Mrs A, I will seek out some hints, as for me time of an hour or more. Dismal failure. My career was London, SE based. Living in Cornwall, I am isolated and vulnerable as I am aware that I need to help my wife overcome her multiple suicide attempts,


Welcome. That sounds tough. Is your wife getting any other help/support for example from Social Services? Mental Health teams? It is horrible to feel alone in a situation like this.

I am carer to my Mum with Alzheimer’s and until recently my Dad with a neurological illness (he dies earlier this year). I can relate to feeling alone. The form has helped a lot.

Welcome and feel free to tell us a bit more.

Hi Kelvin.
My partner also has BPD and currently I’m really struggling with the amount of episodes he has and the longer time each episode lasts.
I was previously married for 22 years before being widowed and met my partner of 3 years 2 years after my husband died.
Currently my partner has withdrawn love, which is a recurrent theme and uses silence . There is also a degree of victim naming / shaming.
It takes a huge emotional toll both in him but also on me as I’m often treading on eggshells and waiting for the “ break up”.
The research always talks about how you should react / treat a BPD suffers but it’s so hard.

I take care of my daughter with BPD and a partner with a cardiovascular disease and he is an amputee and suffers with depression .
I dont know how to deal with this daily , its taking its toll .