Bereavement counsellor unreliable

I have been having bereavement counselling to cope with the death of my friend last year, this is a charity with registered qualified counsellors.

But the counsellor is just unreliable, forgot one session and has cancelled the last 2 sessions, so i have had no help at all for over a month.

I am still not sleeping properly, having bad dreams about my friend, that they are still alive, I wake up and realise of course he is not.

It is greatly upsetting me but have no one to talk to about it, which is the idea of bereavement counselling.

It is such an unreliable service thinking of quitting but need the help but keep getting let down.

I have tried and tried to get help with other unpaid issues, but again no help available.

I can complain about this service but as usual will just get a load of waffle back, we are sorry etc.

So what can i do, report this councellor? and who to?

It is very important that you and the counsellor “gel” but sometimes you just don’t. I went for counselling a few years ago and the woman was also not very good at timekeeping. I got there one day and waited and waited and another man was waiting. She came out and said “whoops, it looks like I have double booked.” She then said she felt the other man’s needs were more urgent than mine so she would see him and I had to make another appointment. This was NHS counselling.

I think I would just ring the counselling dept of this charity and be honest and ask to see someone else and say that as you have already had appointments cancelled you would like it to be dealt with urgently.

Good luck.


I agree with Penny, I would ask for a different counsellor. I can’t see how it can work if you mentally prepare and then the appointment doesn’t go ahead.