Been put off for life carer support

As my Ask the expert questions shows, I have had considerable problems with accessing any kind of support.I have been told repeatedly to contact Social Services. But they have never provided useful help.
It was carers week last week, absolutely nothing advertised, one year the local carers centre was at my local supermarket, leaflets etc.
One of my long term carees has died I am devestated and upset and needing support, I have read the new carer support charter advertising help at end of life and bereavement support.
The new carers support charter sounds great but whats the reality and why didn’t I get the help when my caree was still alive?
But despite asking no support has been provided from any source.

Surely someone should think about this bereavement support etc.

I have been put off for life arguing with Social Services who never understood my situation, no sympathy, no help or support offered.

I went through Social Services complaints, and the ombudsman, a multi page report was created full of errors which I corrected, despite this I lost my case , no help or support was ever granted. Despite the council promising to help and support unpaid carers.

Very upset, very unhappy, samaritans time I think.

I am so sorry for your loss. PLEASE do call the Samaritans if you need to talk to someone.

Also, CRUSE the bereavement charity might also be able to help?
The helpline is open Monday-Friday 9.30-5pm (excluding bank holidays), with extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when we’re open until 8pm.
The number is 0808 808 1677

I think loosing someone you care for is particularly hard as you are not just sad they are gone, your whole way of life has also gone as undoubtedly they were a huge part of your own life. I also think grief is often more complicated. As well as sadness, I also had HUGE feelings of relief, which is hard to cope with, as not how you want to feel. I had also done some of my grieving years ago, as Dad was no longer the person he was for a long time before he died. None of this is easy to process.

I am sorry you had no help. I too have found social services next to useless. It was through this forum that I found out what help I could get with my parents. Whilst there are local Carers Groups, I am guessing that they are often over stretched as members will have their own caring responsibilities and it is hard to fit anything else in.

Do you still have caring responsibilities? Can we help with anything?