Benefits and inheritance

Im currently a carer for my wife, have been for many years. Bobbing along in a carers bubble. Lost my job,house,physical and mental health is deteriorating.

Rent privately, on carers, wife on DLA daughter on top level pip.wife been given a 50% chance of surviving 2 years. :broken_heart:

Dad passed recently leaving a share of a house,value 50k ish.
Questions. How does this effect benefits? No HB poll tax for sure. What about Esa, child tax credits carers pip dla?

Secondly if i were to invest in a buy to let property work part time and move to a cheaper property what benefits would i be entitled to with an additional income coming in.

Anyone with any unconventional suggestions on capital retention? Ideas most welcome!

A few quick questions, to make our replies a bit more accurate.

Did dad make a will?
Has it gone to probate?
Have you actually got the money?
How old is your daughter, and what is the nature of her disability?

Hi Julian … welcome to the canteen.

Sorry to learn of your , and your’s wife’s , present predicament.

Okay … inheritance whilst claiming benefits ?

First stop , a legal view … a real heavyweight one at that :

News & Opinion

A whole host of other sources , many with guidance on other forums.


Worth exploring a few to get a bigger picture,

Change of circumstances ?

DWP … the DoleMan’s domain … best to see what you need to do to keep him at bay :

Benefits: report a change in your circumstances - GOV.UK

Future plans ?

Classic " What if " scenario … time to crunch some figures and assumptions through an online benefits calculator :

Benefits: report a change in your circumstances - GOV.UK

The more you feed it , the more numbers will be revealed … which one produces the best result … for you and your family ?

The BTL angle is interesting … even with recent changes in taxation , and with those in the pipeline ???

Not as attractive as a few years ago … outside the scope of this forum to expand anymore on this.

That’s enough for you to explore as a first priority.

Once you have digested what’s on those links / searches , feel free to bounce anything else off us on the forum.

There is hardly anything out there that , at least , one of us or more have not encountered.

Chris. Thanks so much,learnt more in 5 mins of reading youre post and links than the previous weeks.
Regarding BTL thinking of HMO and a guarantee rent scenario. Tax changes are worse for top rate tax payers and expensive homes…
:bowling: bun.
Probate was sorted last week and property put on the market this week. Dads will was simple. Property to be sold and split between 6 kids. 45/50k each.
Regarding my daughter she is autistic with learning difficulties. She is 18 im not sure i can see her ever being independent.

Your welcome , Julian.

I’m in the wrong place … not even a garibaldi … others out there will charge you £ 100 per hour … for three minutes work ?

There again , another firm of solicitors might print off that info in the first link , add their name , and then charge you £ 200 per hour … £ 300 in London !

Investing ?

Feelin’ lucky , punk ?

Outside the scope of this forum.

ALL bets are off if it’s to be the wrong flavour of Brexit … is any flavour palatable ?

ps. Don’t forget to keep the DoleMan happy , miserable old whatsit at the best of times !

Don’t curse me if those numbers aren’t as big as first thought … it’s a freebie online benefits calculator !!!

I only found out too late, that under certain circumstances a will can be “varied” for 18 months after the person concerned has passed away. As you do not yet actually have the money, then it might be worth consulting a solicitor about what to do.

(My own son will be 40 next month, brain damaged at birth he can’t read, write, or do any maths).

Chris if we ever bump into each other i will definitely buy you a coffea and biscuit.

:bowling: bun that is really intriguing. I have 4 kids so moving some of Dads money to them may be an option?
I worry for the future financially hence looking at investments. My wife more short term. Let’s get a caravan and tour all summer.

Do you suffer from nightmares ???

No Chris.

Meeting me akin to a nightmare … even when you’re awake.

My coffee drinking and biscult eating feats are legendary !

Don’t leave or give any to your daughter directly, as this will affect her income support, and the council will want it for the care they provide, either now or in the future!

On the trust angle … " To beat care home and other caring costs " … be aware.

Several challenges have been mounted in response to some " Trusts " out there as an Internet search will reveal.

If even thinking along these lines , expert advice is strongly recommended.

Even then , any fiscal measures taken in future Budgets may alter the ball game.

Absolutely, trusts definitely need expert knowledge, especially when someone is disabled. If it’s in her sole name, Social Services can get their hands on it, so it has to be a “discretionary trust”. I’m currently going through this myself, lots to learn.

Only sure fire way to find out is for your defence barrister to win a case in a High Court !

Dare I mention the legal fees debacle for such cases ?

If so , I’ll trawl on me night shift , and post … purely as interest for those at the wrong end of a challenge.

Sod it … 11 seconds :

'Bout time I sent in me time sheets … all that EU law on how many hours to work etc. etc.

" Chris , aren’t you always telling us that none of that applies to us in CarerLand ? "
( Joker ? Not to FORMER carers , squire ! )

Mencap have a Trusts department, maybe contact them. I went to a presentation they gave. Very helpful.

Links for Mencap :

Wills and Trusts Service for parents and carers | Mencap

Guide which is viewable in .pdf format :

Wills and Trusts guides | Mencap

Interesting sales pitch … actually factual … anyone with £ 6k or more in savings WILL find the major benefits affected !


Did you know that a lump-sum inheritance – even as little as £6,000 – can affect your child’s benefit entitlements ?

Without the right arrangements in place, there is a greater risk of your child’s future being negatively impacted. Leaving a lump-sum inheritance is simply not an option, and here’s why.

Could not see anything on costs / fees … that will probably be on the menu after one’s enquires further.

Always a good one … IF a charity is offering a service on a commercial basis … say cost +.

That " Plus " … how much of that goes to the front line / in paying salaries ???

2019 … " Charities " … actual or merely perceptions thereof ???

Had a chat to forbes solicitor this morning. Trusts will not be suitable (although some will tell you otherwise and charge £1000s) and altering the will will be seen as intentional deprivation of capital.
He recommended contacting cab about the buy to let avenue and weather it will be counted as income or/and capital.
At the moment looks like im stuffed. :-???

… and the spectre of Brexit like a storm cloud to beat all storm clouds on the horizon ?

Like a maze … there is a way out … eventually ?

Keep trawling and asking questions … someone out there will have the correct solution !

Trouble is , in the land of salespersons , spot the one true one who is more concerned about YOU … and not the back hander
he / she receives on any sale !!!

" Alright for you lot to say that. Here , in CarerLand , we have to feed the meters before the sun ever shines on our world ! "

House sold cash buyer wants to complete in 4 weeks. Seeing welfare solicitor week tomorrow in Londinium.
Now to make a list of questions for his £180 30 minute fee…

£ 180 … a coffee … and a caviar sandwich with a side order of a truffle ?

That’s The Smoke for you !

With or without the VAT … discount for cash ?

I hope it proves useful , Julian.