Benefits and inheritance

Well Chris was it worth £180? Nope…no great answers looks like I’m screwed :persevere:
She did say that if I set up a.proper registered business and bought multiple houses it might be classed as a business and be disregarded as capital but that’s a big if.
Would it be worth contacting the DWP to pick there brains? Getting my m.p involved who happens to be the chancellor and has always answered my letters? Any thoughts?

I could have charged a mere £ 179.99 !

( How was the truffle ? )


Nothing ventured , nothing gained ?

" What ifs " … they don’t like those … I tried one from the DIRECT PAYMENTS main thread.

MP ?

Why not … they’re there to serve us … after their principles and precious party that is !

For £ 65k basic per year … and expenses … I too could have principles !

But I still wouldn’t donn a West Sham United rag !

( Maybe £ 100 K … and offshore … and NO photographs ! )